Time gets played

They’re high-fiving it at GOP Team Leader HQ this morning: Time magazine has fallen for the “creating jobs and fostering economic growth” astroturf (scroll down). At the risk of creating a little astroturf of my own, I’d suggest politely asking the editors of Time to run a correction, noting that the letter reprinted in their May 26 issue, allegedly written by Thomas J. Stokes of Fredonia, N.Y., was in fact composed by GOP operatives and has also appeared in the Kalamazoo Gazette, the Huntsville (AL) Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, the Anchorage Daily News, the San Diego Union, the Gallitin (TN) News Examiner and the Glasgow (KY) Daily Times.

Update: I am told USA Today got suckered into running this one as well, but can’t find it online.