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    Herblock acceptance speech, 2013

Articles and Interviews

  • Washington Post; From two cartoonists, twisted takes on life with Trump
  • CT Insider; New pet cat offers comfort for cartoonist Tom Tomorrow during coronavirus pandemic (05/08/2020) (Yes, there was a newspaper article about the fact that I adopted a cat)
  • Washington Post; What’s it mean when a cartoon ‘outlier’ is a Pulitzer finalist? (04/25/2015)
  • Los Angeles Times;Tom Tomorrow’s omnibus book tops $310,000 on Kickstarter(08/25/2015)
  • Washington Post; Tom Tomorrow’s ‘accidental’ alt-press collection is donated to OSU’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum (01/24/2015)
  • Washington Post; TONIGHT’S HERBLOCK PRIZE CEREMONY: Winner Dan Perkins (aka Tom Tomorrow) on the need to support your friendly alt-cartoonist (04/25/2013)
  • Washington Post, interview; slightly longer online version here (10/2/09)
  • New York Times, Bad Luck Turns Good: That’s Rock ‘n Roll (9/7/09)
  • Beyond Chron, profile (3/31/06)
  • San Jose Metro, Here Today, Tom Tomorrow (11/2/05)
  • Sacramento News and Review, This Modern Cartoonist (10/30/03)
  • The Progressive, interview (3-1-03)
  • New York Times, Is Weblog Technology Here to Stay or Just Another Fad? (2-25-02)
  • Kilometer Zero, interview (Winter, 2002)
  • LA Times, “A Modern World Full of Controversy (1-11-99)
  • Village Voice Press Clips, No Mort Tomorrows (2-18-98)
  • Entertainment Weekly, book review of Penguin Soup for the Soul (9-9-98)
  • Mediafile, Tomorrow Never Knows (1992)

Book Introductions and Forewords

  • Penguin Soup for the Soul (1998) introduction by Tom Tomorrow
  • The Wrath of Sparky (1996) foreword by Tom Tomorrow
  • The Wrath of Sparky introduction by A. Friend
  • Tune in Tomorrow (1994) foreword by Tom Tomorrow
  • Greetings From This Modern World (1992) foreword by Tom Tomorrow
  • Greetings From This Modern World (1992) introduction by Bill Griffith