Poor MCI

Has to pay a penalty of $500 million for fraud which netted it up to $11 billion. And just got the contract to build Iraq’s wireless network, ultimate value undisclosed.

In other MCI news, this is what spokespeople are telling TMW readers:

We recently re-launched our company and changed the brand name of the company from WorldCom to MCI. As part of that re-launch, we have created entirely new and different advertising. We are currently reviewing our options for new product campaigns that are more in line with our corporate brand advertising.

Our contract with Danny Glover runs through January 2004 and we intend to honor our contract. With the campaign having run its course, we are moving to new creative which is more closely tied to our new MCI corporate branding campaign in terms of its look and feel.

Doesn’t seem to be what they told Joe Scarborough. I’d say there are two possibilities here: (1) somebody’s not telling the truth, or (2) everybody’s not telling the truth.