Nixon is Fixin’

Sometime in the mid-eighties I went to a tag sale in the building on the northwest corner of Haight and Ashbury, right behind the famous street signs. The attic turned out to be a time capsule of the Haight, circa early seventies — there were four or five mattresses laying around on the floor, an old wooden console television set, and various other discarded items, including a few record albums. Judging from the dust, no one had even been up there in years — it was clearly an old hippie crash pad that the owner of the building had simply never bothered to clean out. It was an appropriate place to find one of the treasures of my vinyl collection: a Nixon campaign album from 1972, featuring the show-tunes style campaign song, “Nixon is Fixin”.

I was thinking about it the other day, for no apparent reason, and wondered if it had ever been posted online. Maybe it has, but I couldn’t find it after a very extensive ten second Google search, so I decided to digitize it myself. Internet, don’t say I never gave you anything.

I’ll warn you: if you don’t click through, you’ll miss lyrics like these:

For he’s the man to lead our nation
Stop the crime and segregation
and fulfill our expecta–aa–tions…
So go to the polls
Come rain or come shine
For Nixon must have your vote and mine

If you ask real nice, I might post the b-side.