Additions at Kos

As I’ve discussed before, a big factor in deciding to move TMW to Daily Kos was Markos’ desire to create a new comics section. That wasn’t something that seemed to be in the cards at my former home base, where the cartoonists had slowly been disappearing, like teenagers in a slasher flick. It was important to me to help set a different kind of precedent, which is why I am extremely pleased to announce that Jen Sorensen and Matt Bors will be joining the Kos comics lineup, starting next week. Jen will be running on Wednesdays and Matt on Fridays. As Matt says, “it is significant that a progressive website now has a line up of political cartoonists. I don’t think that has happened since Salon’s original lineup was disbanded.”

One other note: as we launch this new project, there will inevitably be growing pains. Several people have emailed me lately to complain that the Comics section is hard to find. We’re aware of the problem — at present, the design of the front page doesn’t really allow for an obvious way to include a permanent link to the comics. They’re going to be fixing that at some point in the next month or two. In the meantime, there’s a direct link to the comics page at the top of this site, which I urge you to bookmark.