Joe Lieberman’s hometown newspaper, the New Haven Register, has a daily “Soundoff” column, in which readers are invited to phone in their opinions on a question of the day for the next day’s edition. The questions range from banal everyday subjects to political topics; the respondents usually skew at least two-thirds conservative. In other words, these are exactly the voters Joe hopes to win over with his own special brand of democonservatism. Anyway, the responses to this morning’s question, “how do you rate Sen. Lieberman’s job performance?” are not particularly encouraging for our boy Joe. (The section’s not online, so I’m posting a scan. Click on the excerpt below to see all the responses.)

Update 1: Welcome, Kossackians! Take off your shoes, stay awhile.

Update 2: Potential Lieberman challenger Ned Lamont needs 1,000 Connecticut residents to sign up as volunteers, here.