The paranoid style

Perusing a Freepi thread on Jill Carroll linked by Atrios, I am struck not only by their callous, unthinking brutality — you expect that, when you dip a toe into that particular sewer — but by their cowardice. Here, check this out:

That is what I don’t get about the left and their opposition to the Patriot Act and the NSA surveillance. Without these sorts of measures, there is a real possibility that the world could soon turn Islamic. Then all of their “civil rights” would be gone for good. I’m not saying that is likely but it could happen if we are not vigilant.

This particular poster has a tenuous enough grasp on reality to understand that the scenario he envisions may not be “likely”, but that’s still some serious paranoia — to somehow get from point (a), the threat of terrorism and the possibility of further attacks on American soil, to point (b), an Islamic States of America, in which your so-called “civil liberties” are spat upon by swarthy men with head scarves.

It’s a wonder these people can function in the world, given how they must quiver with fright at every unexpected noise.