Hunting of the President

Went to the premiere last night, along with Bill Clinton and Atrios. This, along with the F911 premiere Monday, is exactly two more glamorous film premieres than I have attended in seven years in New York City. Add to this a couple of relatively high-profile panels and an Air America interview on Friday, and my last few weeks in New York are turning into quite the whirlwind.

Joe Conason introduced me to Atrios at the after party. Spent awhile talking about the latter’s dual career as a White House advisor-turned-gym-teacher. (I kid, of course. Or do I?)

Picture below of the three of us. That big blue circle makes Sid Atrios easy to spot in a crowd.

The movie opens Friday at the Angelika in New York. Full list of screenings available on the Hunting of the President website (click ‘screenings’ at the top).

One thought on this: don’t make the mistake of thinking that, because it’s about the Clinton impeachment, it’s no longer relevant or timely. What this film is about, ultimately, is how the right wing works, behind the scenes — which makes it kind of a crash course in how we got into the mess we’re in today. It’s a good companion piece to a book I just finished, David Brock’s Republican Noise Machine, which I also recommend.