Team Tobati

This is a group I’m donating some ad space to. Just wanted to make sure they don’t get overlooked on the page. Here’s one of their members describing their work:

We are a group of high school students from Kingswood-Oxford who are dedicated to helping the poor of a rural community in Paraguay called Tobati. Every March, the team takes around fifty students down to Tobati for ten days to work on various projects in Tobati. These projects are funded by donations to Team Tobati, which is a fully independent tax-exempt charity.

Our most recent accomplishment has been the construction of an education center for students in rural communities, which will be up and running this August. Currently no students from Tobati are able to go to college, and the mission of the education center is to prepare intelligent students for college entrance exams which will enable them to study at the university in the Paraguayan capital.

The other main goal of Team Tobati is to improve the health situation in Tobati. To that end, the team has funded the construction of expansions to the main health clinic in the town. The team also pays for three doctors from Asunci — n, the Paraguayan capital, to visit this clinic every week to provide health services. When students travel to Tobati every March, they are typically accompanied by about ten doctors from the United States to provide free health care for those two weeks.

More info here. Go visit. Give them a few bucks if you can. You can’t save the world, but sometimes you can help make it a little better.