The roller coaster ride continues

The book’s at #208 on Amazon as I write this, up from about 600 earlier in the week. But I think we can do better than that. Somebody out there’s still slacking off.

So far, not a lot of media attention, apart from that piece on Salon (nor any phone calls from the Daily Show, I’m afraid). As always, it’s an uphill battle. Part of it is that I don’t have an easy hook. I’m not publishing a book with a specific thesis, like Big Lies or What Liberal Media?, or Thieves in High Places, where the subject of the interview is self evident: What do you mean, these are big lies?, or, how can you possibly say that the media aren’t liberal? I’m just a guy who’s been plugging away on a wide range of topics for a long time now. It doesn’t give the would-be interviewer an easy ride.

So, it always gets back to basics. Ultimately what I’ve got is this site, and you people who read it. So, yes, you see where this is going: buy the damn book.

Update: unless you already have, of course, in which case you have my undying gratitude and may treat this post as a large, inexplicable blank spot in the middle of my blog.