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(Updated May 21, 2024)

Winner of the 2013 Herblock award; 2015 Society of Illustrators Silver Medal recipient; two-time winner of the RFK Journalism Award for Cartooning; 2015 first place AAN Award for Cartooning; 2015 Pulitzer finalist. Also, Pearl Jam album cover artist.

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I’m done with Twitter.  I am mostly on Bluesky these days:

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Facebook: my facebook account is run by someone else, purely to push out comics. I never look at it, or check messages there.

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SPEAKING GIGS: I have presented my constantly evolving talk and slide show at campuses and arts festivals across the country, as well as at the Galway International Arts Festival (Ireland), Lector in Fabula (Conversano, Italy), DIaloghi di Trani (Italy), Internazionale a Ferrara (Italy), Perugia International Journalism Festival, and La Festa di Radio Populare (Milan). For inquiries, email

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