Update for Sparky’s List subscribers

Sparky’s List is now completely disentangled from Amazon Payments. You should not receive any further notices from Amazon regarding your subscription, but in the off chance that there’s some glitch somewhere and you get one–IGNORE IT. My Amazon Payments account has been completely deleted.

From now on, payments will be processed by Stripe.com by way of CampaignZee, a third party integration app that allows Mailchimp and Stripe to talk to one another, so that you are added to the list automatically when you sign up, and sent reminders automatically if your credit card payment fails. (Think of CampaignZee as my office assistant, handling the administrative details so I can focus on cartooning.) This should be a huge improvement over Mailchimp’s previous built-in integration with Amazon Payments, which, as many of you know, was a total mess.

Current subscriptions will not be affected until renewal time. If you have four months left, you’ll be on the List for another four months. But at some point between now and then, you need to upgrade your subscription information — just follow the link in the latest newsletter.

New subscribers can sign up here.

(If you don’t know what Sparky’s List is, read this.)