I live in New York…

…and I would like to read Gawker, if only to find out what the cool people are doing while my wife and I hang out at home and rent videos and play with the dog and stuff. But the site is a mess on both of the browsers I have installed on this computer, with links which overlap the entries and make the whole thing unreadable, and bizarrely placed margins which fill up most of the window with blank space before I can even get to the unreadable text.

So what’s the deal? Is this the online equivalent of those New York fashion trends I can never quite keep track of, the stiff blue jeans with cuffs rolled up exactly four inches (or is it six?), the ugly glasses with thick black frames and yellow lenses, the extreme hip-huggers that ride about halfway down exceedingly fashionable New York City butt cracks — whatever it is this week?

Do you need some sort of special browser that only Manhattan hipsters know how to install before you can read this thing?

Or is the difficulty of the site some sort of metaphor for the difficulty of life in New York? You know: you’ve got to put up with a lot, but it’s worth it in the end, wouldn’t browse anywhere else, yadda yadda yadda?

Or maybe it’s just that the version of IE I’m using is at least six months old, and therefore hopelessly bridge-and-tunnel.

Update: a slightly newer version of IE seems to have resolved the problem.

However, so many of you raved over Mozilla that I decided to give it a try — and promptly spent about an hour and a half dealing with crashes, hangs and installation problems. I wish I lived in that wonderful parallel universe so many of you apparently inhabit, in which new programs are easy to install and invariably worth the effort… but I do not.