Welcome to the lunatic fringe, Bill

As a charter member of the crazy conspiracist brigade which suspects that perhaps our President was not entirely, how shall I put this, truthful, with the American people in the days leading up to the war in Iraq, I’d like to welcome Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol into the fold:

“We shouldn’t deny, those of us who were hawks, that there could have been misstatements made, I think in good faith,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol told “Fox News Sunday.”

Asked, by whom, the leading Iraq war backer explained, “By the president and the secretary of state, [statements] that will turn out to be erroneous.”

Kristol stressed that he didn’t believe charges from Bush administration critics that the president had deliberately distorted WMD intelligence.

But the leading neoconservative writer and former chief of staff to Vice President Dan Quayle added, “I hope [the WMDs] are found but I’m very skeptical.

Okay, maybe he’s not qualified for full-fledged membership, but hey — we’re a big-tent kind of organization. Your tinfoil hat’s in the mail, Bill. (Link via Buzzflash.)