Site notes

I am slowly rebuilding the archives in a more user-friendly format — for now, the entire year 2011 is accessible again. I’m planning to get twenty-plus years’ worth of work back up over the next few months, and for a brief while toyed with the idea of making the older stuff available only as a subscriber premium (given that the internet has more or less killed the anthology-publishing part of my career). I ultimately decided that would be more trouble than it was worth, and more likely to annoy readers than anything else, but while it’s on my mind I’ll make the quick pitch: if you’d like to toss a few bucks in the kitty in support of the work I put into the cartoon and the blog over the course of the year, there’s a big yellow button over to the left. (Or if you’d prefer, you can buy a signed print, or a poster, or a t-shirt!)