The war on Christmas starts earlier every year

Looks like we’re off and running.

Hope you’ve all been training and stocking up (so to speak). Christmas is a formidable opponent.

But for you fifth columnists who pretend to celebrate the holiday, while secretly of course working to undermine it, a small suggestion/request/pathetic plea: long-time readers will remember that I published a children’s book, The Very Silly Mayor, in 2009. It was my first foray into the field, published by a very small publisher, Ig Publishing, and was largely overlooked by reviewers and, well, bookstores. But the publisher’s still around, I’m still around, and it would be fantastic if this were one of those slow-building success stories made possible by the Power of the Internet, which I’ve read about but not really experienced firsthand. At minimum, I’d like to make sure the publisher actually makes a few bucks on this one — they did such a fantastic job on the printing and production quality of this book. I’ve had some bad luck with publishers over the past five years — if by “bad luck” one means “utterly horrific and dispiriting experiences” — but Ig did right by me.

The book is aimed at kids three to six, maybe as old as seven. So if you have kids, or know someone who does, please consider giving them the Mayor as you infiltrate the holidays this year, Christmas Warriors.