There’s a virus going around

Once again, I’m starting to get weird “returned” email which I never sent out. Last time this happened, the brain trust brought me up to speed on the Klez virus, or worm, or whatever, and I’m guessing that’s what’s happening again: someone who had my email in their address book got infected and their computer is sending out messages which spoof my return address. (Given that I’m running Netscape on a Mac with firewall and anti-virus constantly running, my understanding is that this is unlikely to have originated from my own computer.) Not much I can do about this, but if you get an email from me with some weird subject line about the Spice Girls or some Great New Software or something equally unlikely, you should delete it posthaste.

UPDATE: common sense rule of thumb suggested by Frank Lynch — beware attachments. I don’t send out unexpected attachments (and I delete any attachment that I’m not expecting).