An addendum to Bob’s post

I won’t ask why Bob was spending his time plugging “Rumsfeld” into eBay — we all have our little idiosyncracies — but once he drew it to my attention, I had to go look up the Rumsfeld watch. Here’s the seller’s description:

Donald Rumsfeld was the youngest Secretary of Defense in history, serving under President Ford from 1975-77. Now he’s back again but with even greater responsibility. With al-Qaida, Osama bin Laden, Saddam Hussein, Iraq and North Korea all targeting the United States most agree that he’s the right man for this most critical job in government. If you support him show your support by wearing this watch and if you work for the Department of Defense or know someone who does, owning this watch should be mandatory. Get it for yourself or as a very special gift.

Okay, then.