And happens and happens

As Haiti continues to make painfully clear, some people have real problems, and I don’t really want to make too much of personal transient difficulties. Suffice it to say that any week encompassing a root canal, a death in the family and a surprise stay in the hospital is mostly a week I would have rather avoided, if given the option. Which oddly, I was not.

But the only real reason I mention any of this is by way of explanation and apology: as a result, the next cartoon up will be a rerun from 2001. (There aren’t that many people who have my entire life’s work committed to memory, right?) After that, not sure — hoping to once again start providing the cartoons you have come to expect, cartoons so timely they seem to have been ripped from, you know, relatively recent headlines. But things are a little bit up in the air for now, so bear with me.

Adding: new (old) cartoon here.