Friday night funhouse

(Update: be sure to scroll down; judging from the YouTube numbers, a lot of you are overlooking the second video…)

Some of you may remember my old online animated series, back at the beginning of the decade, in those long-ago days before the blogosphere and the Patriot Act and far too many other things. The project never really went anywhere — online animation hadn’t really quite caught on yet, and the Flash format and the pre-dotcom-meltdown business model pretty much excluded any possibility of it going viral, and, well, even if the work had been embeddable, there were no blogs to embed it. But I’ve been going through the old files lately in preparation for a talk I’m giving at the Schulz museum in Santa Rosa at the end of September, and I’ve gotta say, the animators and the voice talent did some pretty good work. And, you know, the writing’s not terrible either. It all holds up a lot better than I expected. So I thought I’d put one up, but you’ve gotta keep in mind that it is six years old, and unavoidably dated in parts (it’s been an action-packed six years, as you may have noticed.). Also, this one’s an extended riff on Plan 9 From Outer Space, so if you’re not an Ed Wood aficionado, it will probably make no sense whatsoever. But for whatever small percentage of you are familiar with the source material — enjoy. Without further ado, available online for the first time in six years (to my knowledge): Plan 9 from Inside the Beltway, starring our good friend Bob Harris a the voice of Sparky …

…saturday morning update: one more….