Mister McBobo

In this morning’s column, Brooks comes up with a clever new nickname for Markos — the Keyboard Kingpin, ha ha ha! — and says that he is the “moral doppleganger” of Tom Delay.

I think David Brooks has not been this insightful since he suggested that women should spend the years between 20 and 40 raisin’ them some babies, and then begin their careers. At the age of 40.

Yes, he really said that.

Anyway, just to kick off David Brooks Week in blogtopia (yes! skippy coined that phrase!), here’s my own little tribute to the man, from February of 2005 …

(For more on Brooks and his bizarre misinterpretations, go back and read Sasha Issenberg’s classic Philadelphia Magazine takedown.)

… how could I forget to mention the complete line of Mister McBobo spinoff merchandise…?