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They really do seem to believe that the act of saying a thing makes it true.

Hinderaker: “Murtha’s suggestion that the administration said Iraq had nuclear weapons is absurd. (Why don’t talk show hosts ever seem to call Democrats on these wild misrepresentations?)”

Vice President Cheney, Meet the Press, 3/16/03:

We know that based on intelligence that he has been very, very good at hiding these kinds of efforts. He’s had years to get good at it and we know he has been absolutely devoted to trying to acquire nuclear weapons. And we believe he has, in fact, reconstituted nuclear weapons. I think Mr. ElBaradei frankly is wrong. And I think if you look at the track record of the International Atomic Energy Agency and this kind of issue, especially where Iraq’s concerned, they have consistently underestimated or missed what it was Saddam Hussein was doing.

Much more here. Also an email address, if you want to encourage the Power Boys to correct the record. They’re big on citizen activism in the face of demonstrable published falsehoods — I’m sure they’ll appreciate the constructive criticism.