Quick hello…

… to the Kossacks who clicked through on the Bush (almost) equals Nixon thing. I see that several of your compatriots are suggesting that “someone” should put the image on a shirt. Could one of you do me a favor and point out that the cartoonist already did? (Incidentally, I tried to register as “Tom Tomorrow” so I could post the comment myself, but the username is “already taken”… don’t know what that’s about …)

…update from a reader:

I saw your comment about the tom tomorrow user id being taken at Daily Kos. I went to that user’s page and found this:

“I am not the real Tom Tomorrow. I created this account after reading that someone had been spoofing his name on other blogs. I have no plans on posting from this account. If the real Tom Tomorrow contacts Kos to get this account, I’d be happy to let him.”

My thanks to whoever was watching out for me there.