Just an idea

There are some wingnuts who are working themselves into a lather over the idea of sticking it to the ACLU by — get this — sending them Christmas cards! Oh, that’ll really show those godless Commies, won’t it? Man! Can you just imagine the response of the ACLU staffer who opens up a stack of envelopes and finds them full of Christmas cards?

Actually, the response would probably go something like this: “Oh, look! Some Christmas cards! How nice!”

But it does give me an idea.

You know who does get worked up about this sort of thing?

I’ll give you a hint: his name rhymes with “Shrill O’Liely.”

And there’s every possibility that a few hundred “Happy Holiday” greeting cards would be the final push that sends him right over the edge. Because he’s clearly teetering on the brink right now anyway.

(The address is easy to find.)