O’Reilly meltdown watch

O’Reilly three weeks ago:

I’m glad the smear sites made a big deal out of it. Now we can all know who was with the anti-military internet crowd. We’ll post the names of all who support the smear merchants on billoreilly.com. So check with us.

O’Reilly tonight (from memory, so probably not an exact quote):

It’s our policy not to mention these sites by name, because they only want the publicity…

In fairness–and lord knows, if anyone deserves fair treatment, it’s good ol’ evenhanded Bill O’Reilly–he did only promise to post the names of those who “support” the smear merchants.

While we’re on the O’Reilly beat, Media Matters has a transcript of some O’Reilly craziness here–but I happened to watch (and Tivo) that same edition of Cavuto’s show, and there was another truly peculiar exchange:

O’Reilly: I have guys inside the five major oil companies–my father used to work for one of those oil companies by the way–who have told me that in those meetings they looked for every way to jack up oil prices after Katrina, every way, when they didn’t have to, but they got scared because of my reporting and the reporting of some others.

Cavuto: Wait, wait wait — you’re taking credit for gas prices being down?

O’Reilly: My reporting and the reporting of some others. They got scared.

Who knew we were so indebted to Big Bill O?

…update: Think Progress already had this one, here (with full crazy transcript).