— Small format change: I’ve moved the links to the sidebars on each side of the main page. I’ll leave the old links page up for awhile for those of you who have it bookmarked, but I won’t be updating it any more.

— Thanks to the generous readers who recently sent a couple items off the wish list. Those unexpected presents are always a treat.

…oops, one more: been meaning to post an update on the Sparky and Blinky figurines, which are shipping much more slowly than initially promised. The short story is, they’re being produced by a very small company which has had a run of crazy bad luck this summer (including a basement flooded with sewage). I’m not making any excuses for them — I’m not terribly happy about all of this myself. But if you haven’t received your order yet, I’d still encourage patience — the finished product is really cool and you will get them eventually.