Fairly typical email

I get some variation on this several times a week:

I liked the Averting Their Eyes (cartoon). For this American living in Sweden though, it seemed a bit solipsistic. What about starting this aggressive war in the first place? W’s dishonest claim of weapons of mass destruction or his continuing conflation of Iraqi resistance with Al Queda terrorism? Or what about the Iraq dead? Or the war’s effect on terrorist recruitment? I know one can only fit so much into one page – but still….

Relevant, if slightly dated, cartoon here. I’ve been doing this a long time.

But remember: it’s not an ongoing body of work. Previous cartoons may have addressed the various topics mentioned — ad nauseum, some might say — but if each individual cartoon does not contain every relevant fact, argument, and counterargument conceivable…well, it is a failure, I tell you, a failure.