A note about Glox News

The point of the alien gibberish in the “crawl” was simply to capture the look of a newscast in a cartoon featuring two multi-tentacled alien creatures. I used what I thought would be an unreadable font which was, it turns out, not so unreadable. I confess to having typed in some stream of consciousness riff about Hannity and O’Reilly being morons and liars — but I wasn’t really trying to pass along a secret message to the select few, I was just trying to come up with a plausible-looking string of alien word-shapes.

So to answer the two most common questions I’m receiving right now:

(1) The news logo behind the aliens translates as gibberish because it is gibberish; and

(2) Yes, apparently if you translate the crawl, I mistyped the word “moron” as “morpon.”

And while I’m flattered that so many of you would take the time to figure that one out, I have to say, you’re scaring me a little bit here, people.