It’s really true

A few posts below, Greg mentions the fact that Bush was the last person to know about the plane that violated White House airspace. We know now that it was a false alarm, but it really is extraordinary that at the moment the White House was being evacuated, as the First Lady was rushed to the bunker and Dick Cheney was hustled off, presumably to an undisclosed location, Bush was obliviously riding his bicycle. (One imagines him wearing a propeller beanie and riding the sort of old fashioned bike featured in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure.)

My point is this: it has become fashionable, even among left-liberal types, to suggest that the President is actually very smart in his own way, and the crude, cartoonish stereotypes of him as a dolt and a dunderhead actually just play into his hands.

But you know what? In a post 9/11 world, when there is even the remotest possibility that we are looking at another terrorist attack, the fact that the President is not immediately informed of the situation — and is, in fact, the last person to learn about it — proves one thing: he really is that stupid. No one cares what he thinks.

It’s really true.