Sound of one hand slapping forehead

A Rush Limbaugh caller wants to know where all the foreign aid from other countries for America was during the Florida hurricanes.

….Mark C. picks up the ball and runs with it:

OK all you Limbaugh listeners, try to follow along at home as I walk you through this. No matter what you’ve heard, the US is a very, very wealthy nation. The per capita income in the US is about $35,000. Hurricane Charley hit on Friday, August 13th. By Tuesday, August 17th, FEMA had already issued more than $2 million in checks for disaster relief. Ten days later President Bush asked Congress for $2 billion dollars for aid (he wasn’t on vacation then, and its possible that the election had something to do with the amount). Since then the Small Business Administration alone has provided more than $1 billion to Florida businesses to fix hurricane damage.

Meanwhile, Malaysia’s per capita income is $3,550, Thailand’s is $2,000, Sri Lanka’s is $850, India’s is $450. The US poverty level for an individual with no children is just over $9,000.

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