Swag reminder

Over at Great Lakes, they’re running a little contest — order a set of ornaments and you’re entered to possibly win one of their political marionettes.

Just so you know, I’m not making huge money off these things myself — I just genuinely think they’re really cool. And judging from the responses, so does everyone who’s ordered them:

— A little bit of liberal sunshine in a gloomy world. Thanks!

— Doggone (and penguin-gone), they’re great! I only hope my office gets a tree good enough to hang them on.

— I just wanted to let you know how lovely your ornaments look. My husband and I enjoy your strips in the Village Voice and I read your blog regularly. When I saw the ornaments I had to order them for him as a christmas gift. They’re really nice, and beautifully presented.

— just got my ornaments and all I can say is a gigantic WOW! They looks great, have real HEFT to ’em, they’re lovingly painted (not by Chinese convicts, I trust) and most important, they smell like the plexiglas project I did in metal shop in 7th grade! better than ditto smell, better than gasoline and turpentine together! Just kidding — they are absolutely the coolest. Plus the customized 2004 packaging with your logotype is a nice touch. I hope you sell a million of ’em!

— Just wanted to drop you a note about the Christmas ornaments, which I ordered a while back and received late last week. Not only are they larger than they appear in web photos, but they are also much cooler. Much MUCH cooler. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool. And probably underpriced, too.

Photos here.