The “stolen” election

I’m with Atrios on this one:

…irregularities and questionable results are not necessarily “proof” of “fraud” and “proof” that the “election was stolen. ” If people want this issue to be taken seriously they need to stop thinking that any of the information floating around right now – and yes, I’ve seen it all multiple times – provides proof of any such thing. Yes, legitimate questions have been raised, but I fear people on “our side” have started to confuse the legitimate questions with the answers to those questions they’ve imagined. I’m fully ready to believe that everything was corrupt in Florida, Ohio, and elsewhere, but thinking and knowing are different things entirely.

The “stolen election” argument was a loser in 2000 when the election pretty clearly was stolen. Without a smoking gun, preferably with Karl Rove’s fingerprints on it, I just don’t think it’s going anywhere this year.

But if that smoking gun turns up, all bets are, of course, off.