Speaking of unbelievable…

Bob Kerrey, on Larry King Live (via Tapped):

KERREY: Well, I hope Marc’s right. I hope it doesn’t happen but my guess is and I don’t have any influence over John Kerry and the DNC. My advice to him would be not to litigate.

KING: Not to litigate?

KERREY: Not to litigate. I mean, look, you’ve got an exceptionally difficult period in the history of mankind. I disagree with Marc on why it’s troubled times. I think it’s part troubled because of the way the Iraq War has been conducted but it is a troubled time, a difficult time and not to have a president of the United States inaugurated and a peaceful transition one way or the other (UNINTELLIGIBLE).

But I would prefer that I mean if it’s a close — if it’s close and there’s an opportunity to litigate, I would say to John Kerry don’t litigate. Let Bush be the president.

Translation: if the Republicans manage to sow enough doubt and confusion, then for the good of the country, step aside and let Bush have another term.

Lord. I’ve been hoping that Democrats are ready to fight hard, if tomorrow and the days following turn into some sort of repeat of 2000, so I really hope Bob Kerrey’s opinion is not representative. I mean, can you imagine a Republican giving his party’s candidate this advice? If there’s any unpleasantness, just give up and let Kerry win. Sure.