Speaking of military records

Truly bizarre that the Bush campaign keeps trying to make Kerry’s military record an issue. Some perspective from Salon:

The story keeps changing. And regardless of what the White House says about George W. Bush and his time in the Texas Air National Guard, journalists tend to accept the explanation. I can’t. The president of the United States is lying to hide his behavior while he was a young pilot during the Vietnam War, and he has almost taken away reporters’ ability to get the whole story. Unfortunately, the national media have other distractions, and they apparently don’t think the Guard story is important enough to warrant additional effort. I think they are wrong.

The president’s behavior while under oath to serve in the military is an important matter. By George W. Bush’s own admission, there were at least eight months in 1972 when he was not performing assigned Guard duty. What if today’s Guard members behaved as irresponsibly as Bush did during his hitch?