Message in a bottle

Ken Layne had some free advice for Salon recently. I’m especially with him on this:

Next, I’d get rid of all the right-leaning columnists. It’s pointless to pretend you’re all things to all people when you’re clearly a left-leaning San Francisco site for left-leaning yuppies. If that’s the readership, embrace it. Return to the partisan days of the Clinton impeachment. Make fun of Dubya. Profile Jackson Browne or whoever.

Well, maybe not Jackson Browne — and I think Salon has been an important critic of Dubya — but you get the basic idea. Salon is a left/liberal site, which needs the loyalty of its core audience right now more than ever. Clicking through the ad or coughing over the subscription money only to be confronted with Andrew Sullivan’s Liberal Idiocy of the Week column is the online equivalent of a sucker punch.

What’s the old quote? A liberal is someone who’s so fair-minded, he won’t take his own side in an argument?

(As always, I encourage you to share your thoughts about Salon with Salon, rather than me.)