From one of my longtime client papers, the Memphis Flyer — two witnesses who state definitively that Bush never showed up for Guard duty in Alabama:

MEMPHIS — Two members of the Air National Guard unit that President George W. Bush allegedly served with as a young Guard flyer in 1972 had been told to expect him and were on the lookout for him. He never showed, however; of that both Bob Mintz and Paul Bishop are certain…

Recalls Memphian Mintz, now 63: “I remember that I heard someone was coming to drill with us from Texas. And it was implied that it was somebody with political influence. I was a young bachelor then. I was looking for somebody to prowl around with.” But, says Mintz, that “somebody” — better known to the world now as the president of the United States — never showed up at Dannelly in 1972. Nor in 1973, nor at any time that Mintz, a FedEx pilot now and an Eastern Airlines pilot then, when he was a reserve first lieutenant at Dannelly, can remember.

Story here, hat tip to Atrios.

If this isn’t national news tomorrow, everyone in the mainstream media deserves to be fired.

…also: Col. William Campenni (retired), the guy who’s been writing letters claiming that Bush did too uh huh fulfill his duty, is going to be on Washington Journal tomorrow morning (7:30 am EST). I’d strongly urge the early birds among you to call CSpan and mention the Memphis Flyer article.