A mysterious bump

The book’s been hovering around #2000 on Amazon, but today it’s climbing back up the chart — currently at 700 or so. Did I get some review somewhere or something that I don’t know about, or did a number of you just slap your heads and say to yourselves, my gosh — I forgot to buy the Great Big Book of Tomorrow!

In any case, thank you, because it is increasingly apparent to me that I am simply not going to get much institutional support from the publisher. I am on my own; that I ever thought otherwise was just the triumph of hope over experience.

Update: speaking of the book, it’s a premium over at BuzzFlash right now, which is to say, for a bit of a higher price than you’d pay in the bookstore you can get it signed and with a tiny drawing of a certain familiar penguin — and support an important source of news and information in the process. But don’t wait too long, I believe they only have nine copies left.