Hey Columbus Ohio people

There are some cities in which the various papers will fight each other bareknuckled for the right to run my cartoon. And then there are cities in which I can’t get arrested.

As I’ve mentioned previously, my cartoon was dropped from Columbus Alive a few months ago due to “budgetary considerations”…(update: I got my facts wrong here and unfairly maligned the editor of the paper as a result. I’m deleting it here and apologizing above.)

Many of you suggested I contact The Other Paper; unfortunately they tell me they’re not interested in picking up new cartoons at this time. If you live in Columbus and would like to see the strip in print there again, might be a good time to drop The Other Paper a friendly note and let them know how appreciative and grateful you’d be if they picked it up. (And it still wouldn’t hurt to to write Alive and let them know what a terrible mistake they made. If you’re so inclined.)

And anyone who wants to spearhead a Bring Back Tom Tomorrow movement in Columbus — you know, flyers, protest marches, civil disobedience, that sort of thing — gets my undying gratitude and, I don’t know, a signed book or something.

In happier news, I’d like to welcome the Louisville Eccentric Observer to the Tom Tomorrow stable of client papers.