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The first 36 hours

Well that was quite a rollout. We’re at almost $115K as I write this, which is fantastic news for so many reasons. I’ve still got a few stretch goals to go before I’m splashing around in a swimming pool full of money, Scrooge McDuck-style, but what this means is (a) we can give the book some upgrades I was really hoping for, specifically the lenticular cover and the cartoons from 2015, and (b) we’ve got space to breathe. I’m working with the amazing people at Make That Thing, and I kind of insisted we cut our margins to the bone to keep the initial goal as low as possible, which didn’t give us a lot of room for error. Happily it’s a moot point now—if we have cost overruns or other unanticipated expenses, it won’t have to come out of my pocket now. So that’s pretty great. Especially given that we’re a mere 36 hours in. I thought I was going to spend the entire month staring at the numbers, waiting to cross the threshold—in my wildest dreams, I did not expect this to happen in the first day. Thanks to all who pledged, and if you haven’t done so, please consider it! If this thing keeps on, I might actually have to get a Sparky tattoo. Of course, if we reach that funding level, I’ll be delighted to commemorate the moment.

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And we have liftoff!

The Kickstarter campaign for 25 YEARS OF TOMORROW is now live!

UPDATE: we’ve reached our basic funding goal 21.5 hours after launch! This is amazing — this book will now be a reality, thanks to everyone who pledged.

Of course there are still stretch goals ….!

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With a little help from my friends

The Kickstarter I’ve been working on for more than a year goes live Monday morning. I’ve got a variety cool rewards lined up for supporters.

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South Carolina

Cartoon from January, 2000.

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Recent cartoons

The bad intelligence

Privacy Talk

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Superhero team-up!

Middle-Man meets IHOTF-Man!

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Helpful responses to Baltimore

I’m not sure why I stopped posting links to new cartoons here on the site, but I’ll try to get back in the habit. Here’s the new one.

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