Winner of the 2013 Herblock award; 2015 Society of Illustrators Silver Medal recipient; 2015 first place AAN award for cartooning; 2015 Pulitzer finalist.

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I have a 17×22 print of the AUSTERIONS cartoon that was printed on fine art paper which, I noticed belatedly, has a slightly bent corner and a very small ink spot from where the printer came into contact with the bend. It’s on the edge of the print and won’t show once it’s framed, but we have high standards here at Tomorrowco. The usual price for large prints is $100; I’ll sell this one (signed, of course) for $70, shipped, to the first person who emails me about it. NOte: DO NOT SEND MONEY until I confirm that you’re getting it.

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Store update

Five packs of STICKERS are now available! Also: signed copies of TOO MUCH CRAZY are back in stock, and sold-out sizes of the SPARKY TRON shirt have been replenished. Click here for all the awesomeness your credit card can handle.

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Tech bleg: fonts edition

Edit: post deleted — problem solved! Many thanks to alert reader R.S. for pointing me to the necessary software.

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The Austerions

Latest cartoon.

Also I did a cover illo for the NYT Sunday Review this week, though it looks a lot more impressive in print. I’m gonna miss print, when it goes.

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And another

The circular debate.

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New toon

Conservative Jones, citizen journalist!

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Last call

Auctions end on Sunday.

Update: thanks to all who bid. I hope to get everything shipped out by the end of the week.

Second update: Paypal has put a “hold” on all funds paid until mid-May. Guessing this is because the ebay account is a relatively new one, but for fuck’s sake, my Paypal account must be close to ten years old at this point. Anybody work there, or know anybody who does? This is … mildly irritating.

End of week update: everything shipped out today (4/27). Apologies for delay, it was a hectic week due to circumstances beyond my control.

Still waiting for the fine folks at PP to release my money. Because I am, clearly, not to be trusted.

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