Winner of the 2013 Herblock award; 2015 Society of Illustrators Silver Medal recipient; 2015 first place AAN award for cartooning; 2015 Pulitzer finalist.

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A note for Sparky’s List subscribers

I’ve been very happy using Mailchimp, and would recommend them highly to anyone looking for a maillist provider. But I have run across one small glitch which subscribers need to be aware of.

We’re reaching a moment where the first wave of subscriptions are expiring. If the credit card number you have on file with Amazon is no longer valid because it was lost or stolen or it expired or whatever, you will be automatically unsubscribed. If this happens, and you want to resubscribe, email me first (tomtomorrow at gmail). I need to manually delete your account before you re-up, otherwise you’ll get caught in the aforementioned glitch which will keep unsubscribing you even once your Amazon cc info is updated.

And if you’re reading this note and wondering, “What is this ‘Sparky’s List,’ about which I have heard so much?” — well, I’m glad you asked.

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Election aftermath

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One year ago

I watched this happen.

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The general’s legacy

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Year in review

It is that time again, when I start compiling the weirdest/strangest/stupidest moments of the past year for what has become something of a tradition, my Year in Review cartoons (previous examples here and here). You get to relive the craziness of the past year, and I get to take a week or two off for the holidays like a normal human being. Everybody wins! The trouble is, I have the approximate memory of a gnat, so these things end up being research-intensive. So today, it’s time for another yearly tradition: my annual plea for help. Send in your suggestions for the craziest of the crazy of the past year, to tomtomorrow (at) gmail (dot) com. I’ll even pick a name at random from all the submissions and send a free signed book, just to sweeten the pot.

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Two things you can do to support indie cartoonists

1. Go help Bors meet the stretch goal on his Kickstarter. Deadline’s coming up in a few days.

2. Go buy my damn book.

That is all.

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