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And to think we knew him when

Kos has hit the big time — Tom Delay is spreading lies about him.

“LaRouche is a con felon and all I can tell you is that Mr. Morrison has supported and campaigned with LaRouche followers and Mr. Morrison also has taken money and is working with the Daily Kos, which is an organization that raises money for fighters against the U.S. in Iraq,” said DeLay.

Wow. What a fucking moron.

Kos does raise a lot of money, of course — for Democrats, none of whom are fighting against the US in Iraq, to my knowledge.

I think DeLay owes Kos an apology. And I think if it’s not forthcoming, Kos should sue the sonofabitch for defamation. Just my two cents, of course.

posted by Tom Tomorrow at 7:32 PM | link

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