Identity verification

With the New Management at Twitter about to change the meaning of the white check in a blue circle (colloquially but inaccurately referred to as the “blue check”) from a verification of one’s identity to a verification of one’s ability to pay $8 a month, and inspired by Scalzi, I’m posting this as a workaround verification that @tomtomorrow is the one and only real me on Twitter (for as long as that may last, given everything). Any other account, with zeroes instead of the letter o, or with underscores or a string of random numbers or whatever, is a scam.

This blog has been dormant for awhile but I’ll probably start posting here more, as Twitter implodes like a bricked Tesla. Other places you can find me on the interwebz:

Instagram: @realtomtomorrow

Facebook: my facebook account is run by the Nib, purely to push out comics. I never look at it, or check messages there.

Mastadon: (This is a placeholder account, currently set to mirror my Twitter posts. I’m not loving the complicated set up there, my gut instinct is that the learning curve is too steep for this one to scale up. But you never know!)

Counter Social: @tomtomorrow (this is also just a placeholder for the moment).

Sparky’s List: this is my paid newsletter, the thing that allows me to keep my work sustainable. It’s probably the best way to keep up with me and make sure you see my new cartoons, and it’s cheaper than a Twitter subscription!

Daily Kos: new cartoons go live here each week on Monday mornings at 8 a.m. eastern.

The Nib: The new cartoon shows up here on Tuesdays.

It sucks for those of us who have put all this time into Twitter building up our social networks, but here we are.  I had broken the 100K mark when Elmo took over, but I’m down at least 2000 followers in this last week alone. Hope we all find a new place to gather at some point.