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This is what I see every time Cruz stands in front of his TRUS/TED banner. It seemed unfair not to share it with the rest of you.

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TMW 25

Two years ago I had the idea to publish a gigantic career retrospective through Kickstarter, and with an enormous amount of help from the crew at Make That Thing, the journey’s end is now near. We held an enormously successful Kickstarter — I’m not sure if it was record breaking, but it was close enough for my standards — and now the books are an idea made real in the world. After a few minor delays, shipping has commenced in earnest, and pictures like the one above (from user @sofawolfone) are starting to show up on Twitter. Once all the Kickstarter and Backerkit orders have been fulfilled, I’ll put any remaining stock up for sale on my Topatoco store — watch this site for the announcement.

And huge thanks to everyone who backed this project.

Adding, there are two remaining promises to keep: the Twain House party for backers, which is currently at full capacity … and the tattoo I promised I’d get if we hit a quarter million (which we did, and then some). The latter exists, I’m just waiting for the right moment to unveil it.

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Season’s greetings!

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‘Tis the War on Christmas Season!


New cartoon here. And speaking of the most wonderful time of the year, please consider these quality gift ideas for the TT fans on your War on Christmas shopping list!

Pre-order a copy of TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF TOMORROW, my two-volume, hardcover, thousand page compilation of (almost) every cartoon I’ve ever done! Please note: these WILL NOT BE DELIVERED IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS, but you can download this nifty gift certificate to let the recipient know it’s on the way! (Also: we don’t even have the books in stock yet and we’re down to the final couple of hundred copies available, so, seriously, don’t wait too long on this.)

T-shirts! They’re amusing, and you wear them!

All new dry-erase MARKERBOARDS! Those grocery lists and household notes take on a certain added je ne sais quoi when coming out of the mouth of Droney or Invisible Hand of the Free Market Man!

And of course, no home is complete without a plush Sparky.

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Be alert!

The State Department’s incredibly non-specific worldwide travel alert reminded me of a cartoon I did for the New Yorker in 2001.

(This cartoon is of course included in 25 Years of Tomorrow!)

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Holiday pre-orders

Let me be clear that copies of 25 Years of Tomorrow WILL NOT BE HERE IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS. (Update: it looks like we’ll have books into our warehouse in late January, and the team at Make That Thing will start shipping them out as soon as possible after that.)

But if you want to pre-order a copy as a gift, I’ve made up a little gift certificate that you can wrap and put under the tree as a placeholder! Just follow these simple instructions:

1. Click the thumbnail below.

2. Download and print.

3. Place in a small box and wrap festively!

The numbers are a little fuzzy, as we try to figure out how many books to set aside for lost/damaged copies, how many to set aside for backers who want additional sets, and so on — but it looks like we’re only going to have a couple hundred remaining out of the print run, so if you’re interested in this, don’t wait too long!

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Book update

I’ve been deep in book production since the end of the Kickstarter, and clearly haven’t been updating the blog. Just wanted to post a quick reminder that even if you missed the KS, you can still pre-order a copy of the book here. (Backers will have a chance to order extra copies when we send out the checkout note, which will happen closer to the moment that we have books in hand.) (Also, just FYI: the final slipcover design looks nothing like the early mockup.)

I’ve got production samples in hands of various elements of the book, including a mockup of the slipcover complete with two 500 page volumes of blank pages. I’m torn between wanting to share photos of everything and wanting to play it close to the vest, so that the whole package is a surprise for backers.

I believe that we’re on schedule to ship books in January as promised. It’s unfortunate that we won’t have them in time for Christmas, but I do plan to post a downloadable certificate you can print and put under the tree as a placeholder, if you want to pre-order a set of the books as a gift for someone.

…ADDING: quantities are limited! Most of our print run was pre-sold through the Kickstarter, and we’ve sold a couple hundred more after the fact. There’s a decent possibility that we’ll sell out this run before Christmas, so if you’re interested, don’t wait too long!

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