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New toon

Further Romney video gaffes.

Read it on Daily Kos.
Read it on Truthout.

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You know your campaign’s in bad shape when this week’s strategy is last week’s satirical political cartoon.

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Travel advisory

I’ll be attending this editorial cartooning conference for the next few days. It’s open to the public Friday and Saturday; my panel is scheduled for 2:10 Friday. If you’re in the DC area, come by and say hello.

Also, a Tivo alert: I’m scheduled to be on the Bill Press radio show, which is also simulcast on Current TV, at around 8:00 8:30 a.m. on Friday. The other guest will be the incomparable Tom Toles; I will be the one in the corner repeatedly muttering “I’m not worthy.”

… there’s a quote from me in the Washington Post Comic Riffs blog.

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The big reveal

Available in a few months from Topatoco.

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New toon

Convention coverage.

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Crazy never sleeps

If you saw the shorter version of the RNC cartoon in a paper and have come here in search of the longer one, it is here.

For the record, do not expect a similar effort for the DNC. There’s plenty I disagree with, but just not enough crazy to justify that level of effort.

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Labor Day

Cartoon from the September 20, 1925 edition of Hearst’s Boston American, courtesy of my wife the historian.

posted by Tom Tomorrow at 11:28 AM | link

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