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TMW in review

A few personal favorites from 2013.

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Season’s Greetings!

From the days before the War on Christmas, when people understood that Santa Claus was a white man who festooned the tree with cigarettes.

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Cartoon flashback: Christmas edition




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Cartoon flashback

A cartoon from Spin magazine, circa 1994, that’s been floating around online lately. Holds up depressingly well. (Click to embiggen).

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A seasonal reminder

Forget about Black Friday! Visit TT’s fabulous online emporium, where you’ll find something for everyone, if by “everyone” you mean “diehard fans of an obscure alternative political cartoon.”

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It’s that time again

As most of you probably know, it has become a sort of tradition for me to close out the year with a couple of Year in Review cartoons, which mainly serve the purpose of letting me get far enough ahead on my work that I can take off some time at the holidays like a normal human being. (Last year’s examples here and here.) As always, reader input is actively solicited! Please send your nominations for the most absurd/outrageous/head-exploding stories of the past year to tomtomorrow (at) gmail. To sweeten the pot a little, when the cartoons are done I’ll select a name at random to receive a signed print, or something similar.

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Fantagraphics Kickstarter

The legendary comics publisher hit a rough financial patch after the recent death of company co-founder Kim Thompson, and they’re holding a Kickstarter to try to make up the shortfall.

Last summer, I had the privilege of writing an introduction to the 1991-1992 volume of their Complete Peanuts series (to be published in May). I have every one of the previous volumes; Peanuts was one of my earliest and most profound influences, and was essentially the comic that taught me to love comics. Being asked to contribute to one of those books felt like one of the highest honors I’ve ever received.

One of the Kickstarter incentives is a copy of that volume with a bookplate signed by me. I feel a little odd about that — it feels a bit like a street grafitti artist being asked to tag the Sistine Chapel — but I was also happy to help out in any way I could.

Anyway, please consider contributing to keep Fantagraphics afloat. My shelves are full of their books, and probably yours are too. The world would be a poorer place without them.

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Because insurance companies are marvels of efficiency and customer service

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This week’s cartoon

Oversexed Halloween.

(Susie Cagle and I both received visits from the same muse last week — her cartoon on the so-called “sexy” Halloween costume trend is here. Happily we only overlapped on drones!)

And speaking of Halloween (this was actually my kid’s idea):

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New toons

This week’s cartoon: TEA PARTY LOGIC!

–Read it on Daily Kos.
–Read it on The Nation (coming).

ALSO: a bonus cartoon this week exclusive to

Security Trek: The Next Generation!

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