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Hahahahahaha oh god

“Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.” –Dick Cheney, speaking of Obama.

Just to be clear, that is not satire, but rather a thing that was actually said by George Bush’s Vice President and probable puppetmaster.

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Note for Sparky’s List subscribers

If you have not received the mailing for the last week or two, please shoot me an email so I can forward your addy along to the Mailchimp help dept. I’ve gotten several complaints this week, and my “open” rate dropped 20% in a single week for no apparent reason, so there may be a glitch here somewhere.

UPDATE: Mailchimp believes something specific to this week’s mailing triggered spam filters, so check your spam folders. If you’re on Gmail there’s a “never send to spam” checkbox in the filters, or you can add my TMWsubscribers email to your contact list.

UPDATE 2: Things you can do on Gmail to keep legitimate mail from being marked as spam.

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A small reminder

This is the man being trotted out to give expert commentary on the situation in Iraq.

Kristol’s prominence as a pundit only makes sense if we are finding out what he thinks in order to do the exact opposite.

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New at Topatoco

My new meta-protest shirt.

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An odd thing I am doing tomorrow that is now over

Tomorrow being Sunday, May 18, for those of you tuning in late. I’ll be at the Public Theatre in NYC, taking part in a reading and discussion of a one-act play called THE PEOPLE by Susan Glaspell, which is about a struggling magazine roughly based on The Masses. I’m a late addition so my name’s not on the site, but I’ll be there, along with quite a few more well-known journalists. It was showing as sold out earlier in the week, but they’ve released a few more tickets, which appear to be available as I write this. Details here.

UPDATE: all done! Many thanks to the Public, and to my fellow amateur thespians. Lots of fun, though of course six hours later I lay awake in bed thinking of things I should have said during the discussion. As one does.

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Death penalty

Cartoon from February, 2000.

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Had a great time at the Cartoon Art Museum in SF and at the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa. Thanks to both places for hosting the events. Particular thanks to Jeannie Schulz for her hospitality, and to John Law for bringing out the dog.

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