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Reality outpacing satire in real time

This is part of a cartoon I was writing today, in which a right wing nutjob character blames the Ukraine crisis on Benghazi:

And then Lindsey Graham tweeted this:

This cartoon wasn’t hugely popular when it first ran in January, but it sure holds up well.

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Seems like a good time…

… to repost this one, given all the outraged howls the new cartoon has engendered.

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New toon

The gun.

Also: don’t know how I missed it, but my friend Jen Sorensen had a “talking gun/hypnotized owner” panel a couple of months ago. Sorry Jen!

…this is what I wrote about this toon for Sparky’s List subscribers:

A rather grim cartoon this week, obviously inspired by the Jordan Davis case. I was rolling that one around in my mind, and the thing I kept coming up with was: no gun, no problem. Without a gun in his glove box, Michael Dunn is just another asshole who fumes quietly to himself, and Jordan Davis doesn’t have his life cut off before it’s barely begun. And everybody gets whatever they came to the Quicky-Mart to buy, and an hour later nobody ever gives any of it another thought.

And then this image, this idea jumped into my head — the old Twilight Zone episodes, in which some totemic object would speak to the main character and drive him slowly insane — the ventroliquist’s dummy, or that fortune telling devil on the diner table.

And this is where I ended up.

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Cartoon Art Museum show

If you’re in San Francisco, please come to my talk at the Cartoon Art Museum on March 11. You can buy advance tickets here, which I encourage you to do, because it will give them some sense of how many books they need to have on hand. (I’ll also be up in Santa Rosa at the Schulz Museum on the following Saturday.)

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1966 Batman valentines

Many more here.


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The Saga of Bob and Vlad, by John Scalzi and Tom Tomorrow

That time I wrote slashfic with a Hugo winner, here.

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Foam core bookstore

In the early nineties, I used to do window displays for The Booksmith, on Haight St. in San Francisco. Recently ran across a couple shots of my late, lamented cat Kato exploring a foam core model of the store I was making for one display.

Somewhere around here I also have a shot of a Twin Peaks-themed window I did for them, because the nineties. (If you were a customer of the store in those days, and remember the giant, hand-painted recreation of the cover of Matilda that was displayed in back for a long time, that was another one of mine.)

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