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To hell with you Matt Groening

I was one of a number of artists who contributed to a tribute poster for Matt Groening after he announced last summer that he was retiring his long-running and hugely influential strip, Life in Hell. It was a secret, until the poster was presented to Matt, which finally happened last week. You have to download the .pdf of the poster to see it in full, which I recommend you do — it’s pretty great.

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The Avenging Uterus

Matt Bors has just unveiled his animated version on Daily Kos.

Go, check it out, now. It’s awesome.

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Your modern Republican party

Rep. Paul Broun: “All that stuff I was taught about evolution, embryology, Big Bang theory … all that is lies straight from the pit of Hell.”

Punchline: Rep. Broun sits on a key congressional science advisory committee.

Bill Nye is not amused.

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U.S. budget as seen by Mitt Romney

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New toon

The Plutocrat attacks!

Read it on Daily Kos.

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Two views on altweeklies

Salon declares them dead. Carly Carioli at the Phoenix disagrees. Sharp-eyed readers will note a paragraph or two in the latter with which I am compelled to agree.

…adding, a thought about nomenclature: whenever the subject of these papers comes up, people inevitably ask “alternative to what?” And yes, admittedly the idea that the weekly press stands alone as the alternative to the mainstream press is outdated, though the best of them still provide content you won’t find in dailies — but it’s a name. People understand what it refers to. You don’t “dial” a telephone anymore, either.

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A movie review of sorts, three years late

So I had a few, um, distractions last night, but the focus of the evening was really movie night with my nine year old. I’ve had mixed success introducing him to the original Star Trek series, so I decided the 2009 reboot might be more appealing to a child of the 21st century. And it was fun watching it with him . It’s a great fast-paced roller coaster of a movie — I was calling it Star Trek X-Treme when it first came out.

But there are some hugely bothersome plot points. The movie’s three years old, and I assume that anyone who cares has long since seen it, but I will nonetheless follow internet conventions and bury the spoilers below the fold.

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