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Somebody on Twitter asked for a link to this one, easier to just repost.

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Some friends dropped by last night

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SPARKY’S LIST gift subscriptions

A couple of people have asked me to make gift subscriptions to the List available, so here you go. Because it will involve an extra layer of administrative oversight, I’m setting them up as year-long subscriptions at $20. Because you need something to put under the tree, I’ve created a gift certificate you can download here and print out.

NOTE: be SURE to fill out the box below with the recipient’s email. If I don’t have that info when processing the order, I will issue a refund.

ALSO PLEASE NOTE: this box is ONLY for the email address! I put this together on short notice and am not set up to pass along any messages to your gift’s recipient. They will be added to the list after Christmas, but the rest is entirely up to you.

Gift sub recipient email:

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In the store.

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Another note for subscribers

Further complicating my comical attempts to administrate Sparky’s List is the discovery that the email account I use there has not been properly forwarding to my primary account. Hilarity ensues. If you’ve written me and not received a response, my abject apologies. I’m sorting through the inbox now and trying to take care of subscription problems, etc.

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New Eddie Vedder poster

UPDATE: The signed/numbered edition of this poster will go on sale in the TopatoCo store on Wednesday at noon Eastern time.

I designed the poster for Eddie Vedder’s show in Fort Lauderdale tonight. This one was initially slated for his tour last spring, which had to be rescheduled when he injured his arm, so this has been in the works for awhile now — I think they first contacted me for ideas last February.

I lived in Lauderdale for awhile as a kid, and remember the tourist iconography of that era well. And I’ve always loved the old-school big letter postcards — they even inspired the title of my first book, way back when (and I am very amused to see the prices some sellers are trying to get for that one, by the way). Anyway, when I heard FLORIDA, I knew right away what I wanted to do.

(What I didn’t know, when I submitted this idea eight or nine months ago, was that big letter postcards were going to be a running theme of merchandise this tour. But Ed liked my version and asked me to finish it up despite the overlap, so here we are.)

The signed and numbered edition of 200 (minus whatever I hold back for friends and family) will be going on sale in the fabulous online emporium in a few days, where you can also buy my damn book. And as an added thank you, one randomly selected poster order out of every ten will also receive one of the guitar picks I designed for Mr. Vedder.

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Sneak peek

The Nash Metropolitan returns. It’s just like in Skyfall, when Bond brings the Aston-Martin out of storage.

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