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1961 teen slang

A sidebar from the San Diego Union, February 12, 1961, recently unearthed by my wife the historian.

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Hahahahahaha oh god

“Rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.” –Dick Cheney, speaking of Obama.

Just to be clear, that is not satire, but rather a thing that was actually said by George Bush’s Vice President and probable puppetmaster.

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Note for Sparky’s List subscribers

If you have not received the mailing for the last week or two, please shoot me an email so I can forward your addy along to the Mailchimp help dept. I’ve gotten several complaints this week, and my “open” rate dropped 20% in a single week for no apparent reason, so there may be a glitch here somewhere.

UPDATE: Mailchimp believes something specific to this week’s mailing triggered spam filters, so check your spam folders. If you’re on Gmail there’s a “never send to spam” checkbox in the filters, or you can add my TMWsubscribers email to your contact list.

UPDATE 2: Things you can do on Gmail to keep legitimate mail from being marked as spam.

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A small reminder

This is the man being trotted out to give expert commentary on the situation in Iraq.

Kristol’s prominence as a pundit only makes sense if we are finding out what he thinks in order to do the exact opposite.

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New at Topatoco

My new meta-protest shirt.

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An odd thing I am doing tomorrow that is now over

Tomorrow being Sunday, May 18, for those of you tuning in late. I’ll be at the Public Theatre in NYC, taking part in a reading and discussion of a one-act play called THE PEOPLE by Susan Glaspell, which is about a struggling magazine roughly based on The Masses. I’m a late addition so my name’s not on the site, but I’ll be there, along with quite a few more well-known journalists. It was showing as sold out earlier in the week, but they’ve released a few more tickets, which appear to be available as I write this. Details here.

UPDATE: all done! Many thanks to the Public, and to my fellow amateur thespians. Lots of fun, though of course six hours later I lay awake in bed thinking of things I should have said during the discussion. As one does.

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Death penalty

Cartoon from February, 2000.

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