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Flash sale update–updated–yet again!

Poster flash sales are DONE!

Huge thanks to my friends at Topatoco for taking care of logistics and getting us through a coupe of glitches.

And many thanks to everyone who took part. I hope you enjoy your bounty!

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So apparently this is the cover of this week’s upcoming New York Times Magazine:

…which inspired me to photoshop this:

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And good bye Tulsa

The new owners of Urban Tulsa have let me know they’ll be dropping This Modern World, citing a lack of space for syndicated content.

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Heads up, Bay Area

I’ll be at the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco the evening of Tuesday, March 11, and at the Schulz Museum in Santa Rosa in the afternoon on Saturday, March 15. More details soon.

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No wonder they lost the war

… if this is what they spent their time doing.

The “men’s adventure” magazines of the 1960s often featured heroines in some awful peril, frequently at the hands of their Nazi captors — about to be lowered into a vat of acid, or a pool full of pihrannas, gruesome things like that. (Taschen has published entire books on the phenomenon.) This cover from 1967 is an odd variation on the theme, in which the women of the “love captive stalag” are subject to the horrors of … hippie body-painting, as if the Nazis somehow anticipated “Laugh-In” or the Haight Ashbury of 1967.

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More title cards

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Hand-lettered industrial film title cards

Recent estate sale find. These are hand-painted title cards, about 11×14. More below the fold.

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House snooping in Brooklyn, 1978

A photographic treasure trove of Brooklyn domestic life in the late seventies. (Complete collection here.)

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The Nib

Comics fans will want to be sure to check out the lineup my friend Bors is unveiling over at the Nib.

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Happy New Year!

From the archives, a two-page cartoon I did for the New Yorker in 1999.

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