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Letters by computer

I’ve been going through some old clips for a couple projects I’m working on, and ran across this, from a June 1994 edition of the Des Moines Register.

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RIP San Francisco Bay Guardian

The 48-year-old weekly was abruptly shut down yesterday by the company that has owned it for the past two years. It was not a paper without flaws, and it was looking pretty thin on my last couple of visits to the city, but it was an institution. It was also the print home of TMW in San Francisco for more than two decades.

The paper’s demise is a small reminder of the fragility of the ecosystem which sustains my cartoon work. On a related note: please consider joining Sparky’s List!

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Satire Fest

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Animated Backspacer

Made by this guy.

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RIP Tony Auth

Obit by Michael Cavna. I just spent an intensive weekend with Tony last March judging the Herblock prize, so this news comes as kind of a shock. Condolences to his family.

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New toon: Capt. Kirk vs. the internet


Also, I’m offering signed prints on this one.

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New cartoon: the militarization of Officer Friendly


The first draft of this cartoon was actually written a month ago, inspired by this ACLU report and this New York Times article. I was saving it as a backup for some upcoming travel, but timing is everything, and as the events in Ferguson began to unfold, this went from evergreen to needing to be posted as soon as possible.

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