Winner of the 2013 Herblock award; 2015 Society of Illustrators Silver Medal recipient; 2015 first place AAN award for cartooning; 2015 Pulitzer finalist.

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Contest time

This is a photo contest for those of you who own plush Sparkys. Send in your pics of Sparky in odd locales or strange situations, or simply in his native habitat in your home. Winner will be chosen at random (unless there’s one I really, really like) and will receive your choice of a Droney shirt, a copy of the new World of Tomorrow compilation, or a Sparky’s List subscription. Send entries to tomtomorrowATgmail.

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A brief history of marriage

Cartoon flashback from March, 2004.

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New toon: ten years after

Read it at Daily Kos.

Read it at The Nation.

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And then there was this one

… which the right wing blogosphere did not appreciate, not one little bit. (From November 2003).

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And another

This is from later in the war, October 2007 to be exact. Ran across it looking for something else on my hard drive. I’d completely forgotten about this one; re-reading it made me laugh.

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Another cartoon flashback

From September 11, 2002, six months before the war started.

This one inspired a protest song:

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My brush with greatness

Twenty years ago, give or take, I went with my buddy Dave Eggers, who was publishing a local magazine called Might, to meet with Judd Winick, the young aspiring cartoonist in MTV’s Real World San Francisco. Eggers and I had a plan to stage a fake fight in front of the MTV cameras which we were both actually much too polite to follow through on, though we probably should have. At any rate, Judd tells me via Twitter (where you can follow him: @JuddWinick) that there’s going to be a Real World SF marathon on this weekend, and my three second cameo is in episode five. I probably look a bit younger.

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